A family sits on a couch in their home while speaking with someone on a tablet. (Model)

Pediatric TPN at Home & On the Go: Partnering With the Right Pharmacy

A family sits on a couch in their home while speaking with someone on a tablet. (Model)

Pediatric total parenteral nutrition (TPN) is vital for children who can’t receive nutrition through traditional means—but it can complicate your everyday life. At Nutrishare, we understand that while TPN is not a choice, selecting the right provider is crucial. This choice can significantly impact your family’s quality of life and ensure your child receives the care they need, whether they need TPN at home or while traveling.

Understanding Pediatric TPN

Pediatric TPN provides essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. This method is critical for children with conditions such as dysmotility or short bowel syndrome. The essence of TPN goes beyond sustenance; it’s about enabling growth, development, and the enjoyment of childhood.

Nutrishare specializes in pediatric TPN, understanding the unique needs and challenges these young patients face. We’re here to make sure that TPN becomes a seamless part of your family’s life, not an obstacle.

The Logistics of Home TPN for Children

Can TPN be given at home? Yes, it can, and with the right support, it can be a smooth process. Transitioning to home TPN involves learning about the equipment, understanding infusion schedules, and knowing how to respond to potential issues. Part of our role is to demystify this process. We provide ongoing support, making sure you feel confident and competent in managing your child’s care.

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Navigating Challenges With Home TPN

Managing TPN at home involves daily routines and occasional hurdles. Whether dealing with equipment, managing infusion schedules, or facing unexpected challenges such as shipment delays, Nutrishare stands with you. Our team is committed to ensuring you never feel alone during these times. We act as your caregiver advocate, providing personalized support, ready to assist you through any situation and ensuring your child’s care continues uninterrupted.

TPN at Home: Costs & Financial Considerations

The cost of managing TPN at home is a significant concern for many families. Nutrishare helps alleviate this stress. Most insurance plans cover home TPN care, and our team is adept at navigating these financial waters. We conduct insurance pre-checks and explore every avenue to make TPN affordable. Our goal is to ensure that financial concerns never stand in the way of your child’s health and well-being.

The Nutrishare Difference

As the only pharmacy in the nation exclusively focused on home TPN, Nutrishare is your dedicated partner in managing pediatric TPN, focusing on individualized, results-driven care. Our unique approach is designed to meet the needs of children on home TPN, ensuring they receive the optimal support for their health and well-being:

  • Tailored Nutritional Monitoring: Our pharmacists and clinicians, board-certified specialists in nutrition support, closely monitor your child’s nutrition and hydration levels, ensuring they receive precisely what they need for healthy growth and development.
  • Seamless Doctor Coordination: We maintain a coordinated line of communication with your child’s health care provider, keeping them informed of progress and any needs for adjustment in the TPN regimen.
  • Customized Nutrition Adjustments: Based on continuous assessment, we recommend nutrition formulation adjustments to your child’s doctor, ensuring the TPN solution is always tailored to your child’s evolving needs.
  • Round-the-Clock Personalized Care: Our dedicated clinicians are available 24/7 to offer personalized care and support, ready to assist with any concerns or emergencies that may arise, ensuring peace of mind for parents.
  • Proactive Catheter Care Management: We work to prevent potential catheter complications with education and support, aiming to minimize the risk of infection and hospitalization to keep your child safe and comfortable at home.

Nutrishare’s commitment to these principles of care ensures that your family receives a level of support and expertise unmatched in the field of home TPN. Our focus is not just on managing a medical treatment but on nurturing the well-being and quality of life of your child and your family.

Making Travel With TPN a Reality

One of the most liberating aspects of Nutrishare’s service is enabling families to travel. TPN shouldn’t anchor your family to one spot. Whether it’s a sleepover, a family vacation, or a summer camp adventure, we know you want to help your child stay active and enjoy the typical milestones of childhood.

Planning is key to successfully traveling with TPN, and you don’t have to do it alone. Our team assists in organizing all the important details, from ensuring your supplies meet you at your destination to providing tips for navigating airport security with medical equipment. With Nutrishare, the world opens up for your family, enabling you to have experiences and make memories that enrich your lives.

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Joining the Nutrishare Family

Becoming part of the Nutrishare Neighborhood means joining a community of specialists, clinicians, and other pediatric home TPN families who understand your journey. It’s a place for sharing experiences, gaining insights, and receiving support.

We walk you through every step, from initial consultations to integrating TPN into your daily life. Our focus on pediatric TPN means we bring a depth of knowledge and a breadth of experience to your family’s specific needs.

Managing pediatric TPN at home is a profound, often long-term responsibility, but your family can handle it with grace and confidence when you have the right support. We’re dedicated to ensuring that TPN fits into your life, enabling your child to thrive and your family to live fully.

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