Nutrishare Guide to Living Well With Home TPN

Surviving to Thriving: Beginner’s Guide to Living Well on Home TPN

Living Well With Home TPN eBook

A Beginner’s Guide to Living Well with Home TPN. Free eBook from Nutrishare

Beginning a home TPN journey can feel overwhelming. You have many questions about what comes next, coupled with trying to understand how to manage your condition better while adjusting to daily life on home TPN. You need help finding the correct information but don’t always know where to find it.

Fortunately, the team at Nutrishare is here to help. In our over 30 years of providing home TPN support to patients like you, we’ve developed several tricks and best practices to keep you feeling empowered to continue living your best life. We’ve collected this information in our latest eBook, A Beginner’s Guide to Living Well with Home TPN.

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Providing Practical Advice to Home TPN Patients

Creating a clear strategy for integrating home TPN care is vital for providing patients with the autonomy to manage their condition from the comfort of their homes rather than being in and out of a hospital.

Building your schedule around clinical aspects like caring for a central line and scheduling timely delivery of your TPN formulation is essential. But just as crucial is identifying ways to better organize all aspects of your home TPN care to simplify your routine, making it part of your day rather than planning your day around it.

From practical storage solutions to home TPN-friendly furnishings, setting up your home in a way that makes everyday care easy and stress-free is a great place to start.

Our guide features so many valuable tips on a range of home TPN topics, including:

  • Best practices for refrigerating your home TPN
  • Storing your TPN supplies and equipment
  • Setting up your home TPN administration station
  • Traveling with home TPN

The information in our eBook will help you develop the right approach to transition into your new home TPN lifestyle comfortably.

Let’s look at some of what you’ll find in our eBook.

Tips for Refrigerating Your TPN Formula and Hydration Bags

When storing your home TPN formula, TPN should always be kept in a clean, refrigerated space. TPN bags take up a lot of space, so sharing space in a refrigerator used by other household members can be challenging.

If you’re concerned about keeping your home TPN in the fridge, we recommend using a mini fridge to store your formula. A mini fridge will allow you to control your formula’s temperature better without cross-contamination.

Our eBook provides detailed advice on where to set up your mini fridge in the home, how to keep it securely stored, and what steps we recommend taking to bring your formula up to room temperature before administration.

Storing and Organizing Your Home TPN Supplies

Living with home TPN involves managing many supplies, from needles and syringes to stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors, not to mention IV administration sets, sterile dressings, gloves, and IV fluids. You’ll also need specialized equipment like IV pumps, insulated bag covers, saline flushes, alcohol pads, and gauze.

TPN supplies occupy considerable space and can easily make your everyday living space feel disorganized. You can efficiently manage these supplies with innovative storage solutions and careful organization.

In A Beginner’s Guide to Living Well with Home TPN, we offer practical solutions for storing your TPN supplies so you can have peace of mind.

Simple organization can go a long way in improving your mindset. Keeping things tidy creates a more comfortable and spacious living area and conserves energy and time. This structured approach makes tracking TPN supply deliveries easier, ensuring everything is readily available when needed.

Tips for What Fixtures and Furniture to Purchase

For most individuals on home TPN, nighttime, while you sleep, is the best time to administer your TPN making a bedside table a good place to set up a dedicated administration station with all your supplies.

We offer a few suggestions when setting up your home TPN administration station, including:

  • How to identify the right-sized nightstand and tips on keeping it clean.
  • How to select the right IV pole to meet the needs of your lifestyle.
  • What to do in case of an accident when cleaning up some spillage.

Having the right furniture may seem like a minor detail, but simplifying the administration of your home TPN formula can make the process less stressful and just another part of your day.

Tips for Traveling on TPN

Navigating travel complexities while managing home TPN may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With proper planning and organization, you can confidently journey near or far without compromising your treatment.

The first step is understanding that travel requires careful preparation, including packing all necessary supplies and ensuring their safe storage and accessibility. Traveling with TPN also necessitates proactive communication with your healthcare team and possibly with airlines or other transportation services to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey.

Download Your Copy of A Beginner’s Guide to Living Well on Home TPN

A Beginner’s Guide to Living Well on Home TPN is more than just a manual; it’s a compassionate companion for those embarking on managing home TPN. This resource helps break down complex processes into manageable steps, from daily routines to travel preparations.

Our eBook upholds the central belief that a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle is entirely achievable with some extra planning and support.

Download your free copy today.