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The Oley Foundation Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

Oley Foundation LogoOne of the largest and most trusted resource organizations for home TPN patients is the Oley Foundation, a national organization for home IV nutrition and tube-feeding patients, their families, and their caregivers. This month, the Oley Foundation celebrated 40 years of tirelessly working to guide and support patients on their TPN journeys.

What is the Oley Foundation?

Founded in 1983 by Dr. Lyn Howard, MD, and Clarence “Oley” Oldenburg, the Oley Foundation is a national, independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization focused on enriching the lives of all those who rely on HPN and HEN, such as IV nutrition and tube feeding patients.

The Oley Foundation aims to provide advocacy, education, and community for parenteral and enteral nutrition patients, their families, clinicians, and other interested parties. The Oley Foundation connects home TPN patients and their families nationwide while providing educational resources to physicians treating parenteral and enteral nutrition patients.

The Oley Foundation holds annual conferences that gather together patients, families, caregivers, and physicians to enrich the lives of people on home parenteral nutrition and home enteral nutrition (abbreviated as HPN and HEN, respectively). In addition to its annual conferences, Oley runs mini-meetings, webinars, and newsletters to keep patients and clinicians connected and informed on the latest developments in external nutrition. 

Nutrishare’s Partnership with the Oley Foundation

Nutrishare is one of many proud partners of the Oley Foundation, providing our assistance so Oley can continue its exceptional work. The Oley Foundation plays a critical role in community building among TPN patients and provides education, advocacy, and support services accessible to everybody along their TPN journey.

As part of our partnership with Oley, Nutrishare sponsors the foundation’s HPN Research Prize, an award established to encourage clinical research focused on improving the lives of home TPN patients. Each year, the Oley Foundation awards $2,500 to each of the top three clinical research papers in this field.

The Oley Foundation’s many corporate partnerships provide over half the funds needed to support its programs. Nutrishare is a Patron Level corporate partner, providing monetary support yearly. Along with other corporate partners, Nutrishare is proud to help the Oley Foundation strengthen its education, advocacy, and outreach efforts.

Nutrishare clinicians frequently attend Oley meetings to give expert panel presentations and provide rigorous scientific insights that home TPN caregivers and physicians can use to continue providing cutting-edge treatment that empowers patients on their home TPN journey.

Oley Foundation Programs

The Oley Foundation runs a volunteer program of Oley Ambassadors to provide peer-to-peer support for HPEN patients and caregivers and help with outreach efforts at the local level.

Oley runs HPEN support groups across the United States for adults, young adults, and children. These support groups allow patients to connect with a community, build friendships, and provide support.

Oley’s programs also include its Equipment Donation Program, which connects HPEN patients with the supplies and equipment they need daily. Oley is working on a new Enteral Donation Program to supersede its legacy donation program.

The Oley Foundation is always open to support for its programs, whether through joining its volunteer program, individual donations, or corporate partnerships.

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Scholarships and Awards

Oley runs and sponsors several scholarship and award programs for children, young adults, and adults on IV nutrition and tube feeding, including:

  • 4EverBold Award: An arts-based award program for children on home TPN celebrating their courage, confidence, strength, and resilience through comic strips embodying their personal experience.
  • Kyle R. Noble Memorial Scholarship: A  $2,000 scholarship to further the educational goals of young adult home TPN and tube-feeding patients who best embody perseverance, determination, and curiosity. 
  • Tim Weaver Camp Scholarship: A $1,000 scholarship sponsored by Fresenius Kabi, USA, to provide young HPEN patients with a summer camp experience to build self-confidence, independence, and creativity.
  • The Oley Award:  An award granted annually to five members of the HPEN community nominated by their peers for their inspiration and leadership.

Continuing to Make a Difference in the Lives of TPN Patients 

Congratulations to the Oley Foundation on its 40 years of tireless work supporting home TPN and tube-feeding patients nationwide through their journeys! At Nutrishare, we are honored to have played a role in helping advance Oley’s mission and hope to continue to do so for many decades to come.