HPN Stories & Articles

Todd Friedman

I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease at age five. Before HPN was widely available, my doctors had unsuccessfully tried to treat my illness with various oral steroid medications and surgery. When I was first diagnosed, I weighed 55 pounds. Nine years later at age 14, I weighed only 69 pounds and wasn’t absorbing enough calories and nutrients to stay alive.


Matt Banderman

Matt Banderman has been on TPN for 20 yrs. Matt was a healthy kid & teenager. In high school, he got involved in basketball & fell in love with his high school crush Jenny (now his wife of 18 yrs, but together for 23 yrs)!  In college, Matt did some modeling. He invited his folks & Jenny to a shoot he was going to be in. They loaded up in his folks 1989 Cadillac and on that day their lives changed forever when a drunk driver hit them head-on!


Mary Probus

My TPN journey began in 1991 when my bowel became strangulated due to an open-loop from a gastric bypass I had 12 yrs prior. I died twice on the operating table that day. The doctors removed my entire jejunum, ileum, and ileocecal valve. I had 3 children at home under the age of 5. I knew they needed me and I wasn’t going to give up. My kids gave me the will and strength to live and a renewed belief in Christ.