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Helping parents and caregivers manage care for children living on home TPN.

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Navigating parenthood is hard enough. Add in health challenges and it can be overwhelming. Whether your child has just been diagnosed, or you've been on the frontlines of caring for your child on home TPN for years, you're in the right place.

A higher standard of care and support for your child exists.

Nutrishare has the support you need for your child's home TPN care when you don't know where to turn. We combine specialized pediatric home TPN pharmacy services, 1-to-1 clinical care, home TPN education, and access to a network of support from parents and caregivers like you to keep you and your family grounded.

Some children may outgrow the need for home TPN, while others may require it for life. If you are caring for a child on home TPN, close monitoring of their nutrition is key.

Nutrition Support
Specialists for Children

Our care team of Board-Certified Nutrition Support Pharmacists (BCNSP), Certified Nutrition Support Clinicians (CNSC), nurses, and dietitians have specialized expertise helping families navigate the ups and downs of home TPN care:
  • Switching your child's home TPN provider or transitioning care from hospital to home
  • Knowing what questions to ask your doctor about your child's care plan
  • Navigating primary and secondary insurance coverage and appeals
  • Help with organizing and safe storage of your child's home TPN and supplies
  • Clinical support for keeping your child's life as normal as possible while on home TPN - from backyard camp outs, family trips, and beyond
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Results-Focused Care

As the nation's only pharmacy that is focused exclusively on home TPN, we understand the unique nutritional challenges that children on home TPN face. We've designed our care around helping your child achieve better clinical results:
  • Lab monitoring to ensure proper nutrition and hydration
  • Coordinated communication with your doctor on your child's progress
  • Recommendations to your doctor on nutrition formulation adjustments
  • 24/7, personalized care from an on-call clinician for late night emergencies
  • Proactive care to prevent catheter complications and reduce the risk of hospitalization
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More Than Just a Pharmacy

One of the best ways to manage your child's home TPN care is by being an informed caregiver. In addition to your nutrition formulations and supplies, Nutrishare will connect you to a network of home TPN support from leading pediatric gastrointestinal specialists, nutritional support clinicians, and even other parents and caregivers like you on the same journey.
  • SHARING Newsletter featuring care tips and patient stories from families with children living on home TPN.
  • Nutrishare Neighborhood Zoom Virtual meetings with other pediatric home TPN families and guest clinical speakers with expertise in pediatric intestinal disorders.
  • Travel and "life" advice on ways to safely help your child just be a kid!
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Frequently Asked Questions About Pediatric Home TPN

Will my child's home TPN be covered by insurance?

The cost of home TPN for a child can easily add up. Thankfully, home TPN care is covered by most primary and secondary insurance plans. However, every insurance plan and home TPN pharmacy provider is different. In most cases, if you have an official diagnosis from a medical doctor, your child's home TPN treatments should be covered in some way. Our team can help determine your amount of coverage with a simple insurance pre-check and find ways to make home TPN affordable for your family.

What is the best way to safely warm my child's home TPN before we infuse it?

Since home TPN must be refrigerated until it is used, many caregivers warm home TPN before infusion so the child won't be cold. However, rapid heating of home TPN in a microwave or boiling water is not advised. The best way to warm home TPN safely is through a natural warming process, such as wrapping it in a towel until it reaches room temperature or simply letting it sit out until it reaches room temperature. Keep in mind, just like food, home TPN can spoil if left out too long or if left in extreme heat.

Can our family go on vacation while our child is on home TPN?

Just because your child is on home TPN, doesn't mean they have to miss out on family vacations or even day trip adventures. The key is planning - what to pack, how to pack your home TPN and supplies, how to get through TSA with home TPN, and having a backup plan for care on the road should you need it. At Nutrishare, we believe that patients will have better clinical outcomes when they can live their best lives on home TPN and are here to help with all the logistics of your child's care when you travel. You'll also have access to the Nutrishare Neighborhood - a network of support from specialists, clinicians and other pediatric home TPN families with great tips for traveling with children on home TPN.



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