Mary Probus’s Story

Jason Condra

My TPN journey began in 1991 when my bowel became strangulated due to an open-loop from a gastric bypass I had 12 yrs prior. I died twice on the operating table that day. The doctors removed my entire jejunum, ileum, and ileocecal valve. I had 3 children at home under the age of 5. I knew they needed me and …

Matt Banderman’s Story

Jason Condra

Matt Banderman has been on TPN for 20 yrs. Matt was a healthy kid & teenager. In high school, he got involved in basketball & fell in love with his high school crush Jenny (now his wife of 18 yrs, but together for 23 yrs)!  In college, Matt did some modeling. He invited his folks & Jenny to a shoot …

Todd Friedman’s story

ryan rich

What a difference switching to Nutrishare made on my quality of life! My first 16 years on HPN before joining Nutrishare, I had frequent catheter infections. Then I went my next 16 years on HPN after joining Nutrishare (from 1992 to 2008), without having any CRBSI-related line infections to the best of my recollection.