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Our pharmacists and clinicians have advanced training and certification in home total parenteral nutrition (TPN).

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Members of our care team have received Board Certified Nutrition Support Pharmacist certification, a highly specialized and selective study of pharmacology that less than 1% pharmacy professionals in the United States hold.
Our world renowned team of home TPN pharmacists and clinicians are uniquely qualified to look after every aspect of your nutrition support and work closely with your doctor to make recommendations tailored to your unique needs.

Meet the Nutrishare Team

Nutrishare Pharmacists


Davina Ngo
Pharm.D., BCNSP


Greg Killmeier
Pharm.D., BCNSP


Ian Robertson
Pharm.D., BCNSP


Kari Personius


Tammy McDowell


Timothy Freda


Crystal Wilkinson

Board Certified
Nutrition Support Pharmacists

Our pharmacists have advanced knowledge and experience:
  • Maintaining optimal nutrition through design and modification of individualized treatment plans
  • Providing direct patient care, including patient assessment, type of feeding design, clinical monitoring, dosing of specific nutrients and compatibility issues
  • Identifying unusual nutrient deficiencies to ensure patient safety
    Ensuring the preparation and administration of HPN feeding formulations
  • Monitoring and maintaining the patient’s nutritional status during the critical transition to a care facility or home

BCNSP Eligibility

Our BCNSP pharmacists have worked diligently to meet the following criteria in order to achieve their selective certification in nutrition support:

  • Completion of three (3) years practice experience where 50% or more of that time spent focusing on nutrition support techniques OR completion of a residency program focusing on nutrition support
  • Achieving a passing score on the Nutrition Support Pharmacy Specialty Certification Examination
  • Graduation from an accredited pharmacy program
  • A current, active license to practice pharmacy

Certified Nutrition Support Clinicians


Kelsey Griffin

Certified Nutrition
Support Clinicians

Like our pharmacists, our Nutrishare clinicians have devoted time and study to HPN nutrition support, and hold the Certified Nutrition Support Clinician® (CNSC®) credentialing from the National Board of Nutrition Support Certification (NBNSC). This distinction was established in 1984 by the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (A.S.P.E.N.) in an effort to verify the knowledge and skills required to provide quality nutrition support.
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Parenteral Nutrition Nurse


Elena Stoyanova

Parenteral Nutrition

Nutrition support nurses play a pivotal role in overseeing and managing the specialized care of home TPN patients. Our dedicated team of professionals collaborates closely with our patients’ physicians and healthcare teams to design, implement, and monitor their TPN regimens. Drawing upon their advanced training and certification, they provide comprehensive support and education, ensuring patients and caregivers understand and feel comfortable with the TPN process. Their unwavering commitment guarantees that every patient benefits from the highest standard of care in their nutrition journey.
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Nutrishare Patient Intake & Account Representatives


Katie Hall - RD, CNSC
Patient Intake Director


Molly Cromer - M.S. in Nutrition, RD, LDN, CNSC Dietitian/Nutrition
Account Representative for the Mid Atlantic


Holly Baker - RD, CNSC
Account Representative for the Southeast


Laura Schellenberg - B.S. in Nutrition & Dietetics
Account Representative for the Northeast

Patient Intake
Account Representatives

Our Patient Intake Account Representatives are at the forefront of the exceptional home TPN care Nutrishare provides to every member of our community. They bring a wealth of experience and work in tandem with pharmacists, clinicians, physicians, and discharge planners to ensure a seamless transition to our specialized TPN services. Our representatives boast a wide range of credentials and professional certifications, such as the Certified Nutrition Support Clinician®️ (CNSC®️) credential, as part of their unwavering commitment to your well-being and quality of care. Their combined expertise and genuine compassion are pivotal in creating a confident, carefree, and seamless journey into the Nutrishare family.
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